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Griffin Announces Evolve Wireless Speaker System for iPod

MACWORLD, SAN FRANCISCO, CA - January 8, 2007.

Griffin Technology, maker of all things iPod, today announced the unveiling of its new lineup of powered speaker systems.

Spearheading the line-up on the show floor is an iPod-ready wireless speaker system with powerful, crystal clear sound:

Evolve - Innovation is the name of the game, as Griffin's Evolve speakers take iPod audio to a new level of power and function. Evolve is a speaker system with a flat charging base that holds your iPod in a Universal Dock. On either side are charging stations for two cube-shaped speakers, each housing its own long-lived Lithium-Ion battery pack. To charge these speakers, all you have to do is place them on the charging station -- nothing to plug in, nothing to unplug.

The Lithium-Ion batteries will give you up to 10 hours of music, and each speaker cube features its own on/off power switch and automatic sleep mode for power conservation.

Evolve's speaker enclosures are engineered for stellar sound, ease of use, and bang for the buck. The sound you get from this speaker system will knock your socks off -- and so will the sleek industrial design that will look great in any decor.

Evolve features a wireless range of more than 150 feet, allowing users to listen wirelessly, and control the sound wirelessly with the included remote.

Evolve highlights Griffin's new family of speaker products, all aimed squarely at iPod. The line-up also includes the recently announced Amplifi and Journi:

Amplifi - Desktop speaker system that puts out a roomful of sound. Wooden construction for warm, rich tones, two 2.75" tweeter/midrange plus a 5" woofer and bass reflex port together create a balanced, full sound. Comes with its own remote, AC adapter and six Universal Dock adapters for a range of iPod models.

Journi - May be the first truly portable speaker system your iPod has ever owned. Carry it under your arm like a book. When you get where you're going, the tough, attractive WrapStand opens up and wraps around to create a sturdy stand. Slide your iPod into the adjustable-depth pod bay, and slip the handy remote out of its carrying niche in the back.

Pricing and Availability Evolve and Journi, priced at $349.99 and 129.99 respectively, will be available just in time for the summer season. Amplifi will begin shipping in February at 149.99. This new line of speakers and all Griffin products can be found at, and wherever quality iPod accessories are sold.

About Griffin Technology
Griffin Technology has earned a reputation as the creative leader in ingenious peripherals and accessories for your digital lifestyle. Find out more about Griffin's entire range of products for audio, video, gaming and more at Griffin's website:

Evolve, Amplifi, and Journi are trademarks of Griffin Technology, Inc.

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