Media Alert: Griffin to Set Up Shop at Bonnaroo, Preview GuitarConnectJun 4, 2010

Nashville, TN — June 4, 2010

Griffin is setting up shop at Bonnaroo to offer attendees a host of useful accessories to keep their iPods, iPhones, and mobile devices going during the festival. The Griffin tent, located in Centeroo, will be stocked with staple charging accessories at special show prices, including PowerBlock, PowerJolt, TuneJuice, Reserve batteries, and even spare AA and AAA batteries for the various power needs festival-goers will encounter.

Griffin employees will also be giving Bonnaroo attendees a sneak peek at the new Griffin GuitarConnect cable   made especially for apps like iShred Live, an updated version of the popular virtual guitar app from Frontier Design Group. This new version of the app now supports use with live instruments and will be available in conjunction with the GuitarConnect cable in July. GuitarConnect plugs any guitar, bass, or 1/4″ plug-equipped musical instrument into an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, for use with apps that support audio input. The cable includes a separate 1/8″ line-out jack for easy connection of headphones or amplifiers.

“Being a Nashville-based company, we are very proud of our musical heritage,” says Mark Rowan, President of Griffin Technology. “GuitarConnect and iShred Live are a great way to show our company’s musical side, and Bonnaroo is the perfect place to introduce it.”

iShred Live is an interactive guitar rig for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, that gives users a full pedalboard of guitar effects and a guitar amp interface that fits in their pocket. Just connect any guitar to your device via Griffin’s GuitarConnect, launch the app, and you’re greeted with an array of familiar, editable effects pedals, including: fuzz, echo, chorus, compression, and more. A digital tuner, metronome, 6 editable presets, and playalong/practice mode allows you to rock out to your favorite songs, or practice difficult sections. There’s no need to lug around an amp; iShred Live and the Griffin GuitarConnect cable provide a super-compact guitar rig you can use with your headphones (or plug into a recorder, an amp, or a mixing board), wherever you are, whenever you want.

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