[busted]Nov 16, 2009

Creative Partnership Merges Original Threadless Graphics and Griffin Accessory Designs

Nashville, TN – November 17, 2009 – Griffin Technology Inc., the creative leader in ingenious peripherals for iPod, iPhone, Mac and PC, today announced a partnership with community-centric online apparel store Threadless. The Griffin+Threadless Co-Op Initiative combines clever original art and case design to produce a line of accessories.

Threadless’s online community is a unique and wildly successful phenomenon in which the customers, themselves, are the designers. As a result, Threadless offers some of the most creative and entertaining statements in modern apparel.

“The collaboration with Griffin is fantastic because it places a spotlight on the amazing talent within the Threadless community,” said Jake Nickell, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of skinnyCorp, LLC, parent company of Threadless. “Props to Griffin for going to great lengths to make sure the artists get exposure for their work. Plus, it’ll be an awesome feeling for each artist to see their design on the back of someone’s iPhone!”

“I’ve been a fan of Threadless ever since my first visit to their retail store in Chicago,” said Mark McGlon, Visual Brand Coordinator at Griffin Technology. “I saw immediately, from their layout and presentation, that their shirt designs would be a perfect match for our accessories.”

The first offering from the partnership is a completely new case for iPhone: distinctive Griffin industrial design wrapped in a selection of favorite original Threadless images. The single-piece polycarbonate shell snaps on to provide protection from scratches, dust and boringness. The slim case adds less than 1mm of thickness, and will be initially available in a choice of two original designs from the Threadless community: Clouds within the Thunder and Birds of a Feather.

Like the shirt designs they share, each pattern is a limited run, and they won’t last long. There’s no need to worry, however, as more Griffin+Threadless cases are on their way. This is only the beginning.

The new Griffin+Threadless Cases for iPhone are inspired and designed by creative people, for creative people everywhere.

Pricing and Availability
Clouds within the Thunder and Birds of a Feather cases for iPhone, $34.99, are available now at Apple Retail Stores and www.griffintechnology.com.

To learn more about the t-shirt designs behind these cases, visit www.threadless.com/griffin.

About Threadless
We’re not your average t-shirt company. The designs on Threadless tees are sourced from an ongoing open-call for t-shirt submissions from a worldwide community of amazing artists and designers. Once submitted, our community of over 1 million members casts votes that help decide which designs become Threadless tees. Threadless began in 2000 as a hobby and has since become the poster child for the power of crowdsourcing: integrating the involvement of a passionate, authentic and highly active community into every aspect of our business. In other words, we’re all awesome together! Join the awesomeness at www.threadless.com.

About Griffin Technology
Founded, like many other delicious things, on a kitchen table in 1992, Griffin Technology Inc., is today one of the world’s largest providers of personal computing and digital media accessories. Unique and prolific products such as iTrip, PowerMate, iFM, iMic and Evolve have inspired numerous accolades and frequent imitation. Today, Griffin products are conceived, designed and developed in-house and continue to push the envelope of the industry they helped create. The Co-Op Initiative marks another step forward, pairing Griffin engineers with top fashion, art and cultural innovators to create personal technological statements. Learn more about the Co-Op Initiative, as well as Griffin’s entire range of ingenious designs, at www.griffintechnology.com.