Griffin Announces iPhone Case CollectionJul 3, 2007

NASHVILLE, TN – July 3, 2007.

Griffin Technology Inc., creator of all things iPod, today introduced its new line of protective cases for iPhone. The collection offers a mix of protection, style, and convenience for the important task of keeping your iPhone safe and secure, and includes Griffin’s new iPhone-centric lineup of Elan cases, as well as new versions of Griffin’s popular Streamline and iClear cases redesigned for iPhone.

Griffin’s iPhone Case Collection:

Elan Snap-In for iPhone
You want protection for your iPhone, but also quick access and convenience. Griffin’s Snap-In case gives you both. The custom-fitted leather case hugs your iPhone, and the snap-in design provides convenience. Just slide your iPhone out to use it, and snap it back in when you’re finished. Elan Snap-In features a swivel belt clip for convenience on the go. The soft inner lining protects against scratches, and the package even includes a premium scratchless cleaning cloth for proper care of your iPhone.

Elan Holster for iPhone
Griffin’s Elan Holster case gives your iPhone full protection, while keeping it close at hand. Like any self-respecting holster, Elan is made of full grain leather, with a unique oval emboss pattern. It comes with a removable belt clip for convenient toting, and a premium scratchless cleaning cloth to keep your iPhone free from fingerprints and smudges.

Elan Sleeve for iPhone
Our Elan sleeve encases your iPhone in a sleek full-grain leather custom fit. You get easy access to audio jack, volume, connectors, and touchscreen, without adding bulk. The Elan Sleeve comes with a static peel screen cover for your iPhone, thin enough to react to your fingers, yet strong enough to protect the faceplate. Includes a removable belt clip, and a premium scratchless cleaning cloth to wipe away smudges from your iPhone.

iClear for iPhone
How do you protect your iPhone while you carry it everywhere you go? The answer is clear: iClear. Its crystal-clear polycarbonate provides total protection; clever design provides total access to touchscreen, audio jack, power switch, volume, speakers, USB port, and LED.

iClear comes with a static-peel screen cover for iPhone’s touch screen, thin and supple enough to sense your fingers, yet tough enough to protect. iClear’s removable belt clip swivels to serve as a stand for hands-free landscape viewing. iClear even includes an adjustable armband for active use, and a premium scratchless cleaning cloth for proper care of your iPhone.

Streamline for iPhone
Our classic sport armband with elegantly minimal design has been re-invented with features especially for iPhone. The lightweight, elegant ultra-slim design protects without bulk. The full-face screen protector guards invisibly against scratches. A washable 2-way adjustable band affords the maximum in comfort and size adjustment. And for safety at night, Streamline features built-in reflective trim.

Pricing & Availability

Griffin’s new cases for iPhone, priced between $24.99 and $29.99, can be found on Griffin’s website, and at major retailers nationwide. For more information, please visit

Now Available and Shipping:

Elan Snap-In, $24.99
Elan Holster, $29.99

Coming Soon:

Elan Sleeve for iPhone, $29.99
iClear for iPhone, $24.99
Streamline for iPhone, $29.99

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