Griffin Announces PowerBlock travelAug 10, 2006

NASHVILLE, TN – Thursday, August 10, 2006.

Griffin Technology Inc., creator of exciting innovations for Mac, PC, PSP and iPod, today announced a package designed to simplify charging your USB devices (including iPods) while traveling: PowerBlock Travel.

PowerBlock is a popular all-purpose charger for devices that get their juice through a USB port. The new Travel pack adds plug adapters for use while traveling internationally.

Freedom to Move

PowerBlock’s flat-blade, non-polarized prongs impose no limitations on how they fit into twin-prong outlets — and thus are ideal for international use. The travel package adds adapters that, together, cover most any AC connection you’ll encounter in your world explorations. PowerBlock handles all voltages from 100 to 240 AC, converting seamlessly to the voltage that your USB devices need.

The PowerBlock Travel package includes a high-quality Griffin dock connector cable for your iPod as well as an accessory pouch to help you keep track of your adapters. PowerBlock Travel won’t do away with all the hassles of traveling; you’ll still have to keep track of your luggage, and how many Yen are in a Euro (or vice versa)… but with PowerBlock Travel in your travel kit, you will never have to worry about how to charge your iPod and other USB devices.

Pricing & Availability

PowerBlock Travel is priced at only $34.99 USD, and is available immediately. Satisfy your travel needs at and wherever quality iPod and media accessories are sold.

About Griffin Technology

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