Griffin Dives Deeper into Enterprise Segment with Beam, an All-In-One Scanner/Case/Battery Pack for the Medical Industry at CES 2017Jan 5, 2017


Griffin’s iOS-Powered barcode scanner headlines a collection of charging and protective solutions tailor-made for enterprise markets

Las Vegas – January 5, 2017 – Griffin Technology, creator of award-winning and thoughtfully designed mobile accessories, today announces Beam, a comprehensive new platform that brings the security and stability of iOS to the healthcare industry. Griffin designed the all-in-one solution from the ground up to combine a barcode scanner with a protective case, built-in battery and custom charging station. In one handheld device, Beam is set to redefine the clinical workflow of healthcare workers nationwide. Griffin’s collection of new enterprise-level solutions can be seen at the 2017 International CES, Las Vegas Convention Center, North Hall Booth #8915 from January 5th-8th.

“With Beam, we set out to leverage our 25 years of experience in the personal tech industry and create a simple yet effective solution for the healthcare segment. Our extensive background in designing accessories for the iPhone gave us a leg up but there was still much research into the medical industry needed to truly understand the pain points of the healthcare workers for which we intended Beam to help,” said Dean Shortland, Director of Product Development, Healthcare. “After many iterations incorporating feedback from medical professionals around the country, we’re thrilled to see Beam hit the market and redefine the clinical workflow of the healthcare industry.”

In a single, ergonomic unit, Beam harnesses the power of iOS in a dependable platform that’s designed to improve clinical workflow. Supporting more than a dozen of the most widely used barcode systems, Beam scans barcodes even on many challenging curved or reflective surfaces. Its ergonomic design is easy to grasp and use shift after shift, and can be operated whether the worker is wearing gloves or not. Beam’s impact-resistant polycarbonate shell is designed to protect the iPhone from 4 foot drops onto the floor. Designed for an IP54 rating for dust and water resistance and integrated with a Touch ID-compatible screen protector, Beam’s smooth exterior is cleanable with industry-standard CaviCide and bleach wipes.

Beam is self-powered and rechargeable. Additional, externally swappable batteries (2,200mAh) provide power to Beam’s barcode scanner and provide additional battery life for the iPhone. Batteries and Beam units both recharge in approximately two hours in Beam’s custom-built charging dock. Each dock can recharge three Beam units and three battery packs.

Griffin’s continued focus on the enterprise segment is seen with the announcement of their Universal Charge Cart, which can charge up to 30 laptops or tablets at once, and expanded colorways of MultiDock, Survivor and other charging solutions catering to the Medical, Emergency Responder, and Law Enforcement verticals.

Charge, store and secure up to 30 full-sized laptops or tablets from a single outlet with Griffin’s new Universal Charge Cart. It’s the perfect asset management solution for schools, hospitals, or any business environment.

Built-in power distribution points distribute surge-protected charging to the connected devices’ power supplies. User-configurable charge profiles optimize power delivery to connected devices, while intelligent power management cycles through devices to lessen the cart’s overall charging load. Internal dividers and cord management organize laptops for easy loading and unloading. Passive ventilation and overcharge protection circuits protect laptops as they charge. The power-coated steel cabinet secures the laptops with a keyed latch. And three-inch locking casters swivel for maneuverability in tight spaces for quiet, safe transport to classrooms, offices, labs or workspaces.

Rounding out Griffin’s enterprise collection at CES is an expanded range of colorways for many of their best-selling business solutions. Griffin’s new enterprise colorways enhance the devices used in these fields and create visual consistency with other sector-specific gear. The MultiDock, MultiDock Cart, Survivor All-Terrain for iPad, Reserve Battery Case, and Premium Charge/Sync Cables will soon be available in colors suited for the Medical, Emergency Responder and Law Enforcement verticals. New colorways include Medical Light Blue, Medical Gray, Fire Engine Red, and Police Blue.

Beam and the rest of Griffin’s enterprise collection debuts at CES and will launch throughout 2017.

Beam, $599.99, Beam Battery Pack, $49.99, and Beam Charging Station, $149.99, are all available now.

Universal Charge Cart, $1199.99, will be available Q3 2017.

MultiDock, $699.99, MultiDock Cart, $2399.99, in vertical colors are available now with qualifying orders.

Survivor All-Terrain for iPad, $79.99, is now available.

Reserve Battery Case, $99.99, will be available Q2 2017.

Premium Charge/Sync Cables, $29.99, will be available Q1 2017.

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