Griffin Introduces Spring Case CollectionFeb 20, 2007

NASHVILLE, TN – February 20th, 2007.

Griffin Technology Inc., creator of all things iPod, today announced its latest line of stylish cases for iPod. Just in time for Spring, the fresh cases will hit retail shelves over the next month.

Griffin’s Spring Case Collection includes:

Reflect for iPod with video & nano (MSRP – $24.99) – Find out why Griffin’s Reflect cases were the buzz of MacWorld and CES this year. Reflect’s tinted reflective polycarbonate shell protects the iPod and hides the screen from prying eyes. But whenever backlighting is activated, the screen becomes visible through the tinted case. Think of it as privacy glass for your iPod. Two Reflect models are available: one for iPod nano, and the other for 30GB, 60GB and 80GB iPod with video.

Centerstage for iPod with video with mirror finish (MSRP – $24.99) – Griffin’s Centerstage case with the integrated flip stand receives an update, adding a tinted, reflective finish. A tinted, reflective, polycarbonate shell protects the iPod and hides the screen from prying eyes, but the screen shows through whenever backlighting is active. Centerstage’s unique flip stand design uses an anodized aluminum stand to prop the case at the ideal viewing angle.

iClear Photo for iPod with video & nano (MSRP – $24.99, 19.99) – The iClear Photo case for iPod (first announced as iClear Custom) is a totally customizable clear polycarbonate case that allows you to insert your own artwork … photos of dogs in cowboy hats, drawings, tiny watercolors that reveal the depths of your innermost soul… it’s your call. The case protects both artwork and iPod in a thin, lightweight durable shell that allows access to all ports and controls. Two models are available to fit iPod nano and 30GB, 60GB and 80GB iPod with video.

Trio Plus for iPod nano (MSRP – $29.99) This update bundles interchangeable covers in assorted colors along with Griffin’s popular 3-way leather case: 1. Trio Plus’ slim inner sleeve protects the iPod, screen and all, while you use it. 2. Snap on one of the five included wraparound covers for added protection while while carrying. 3. Snap on a cover with a secure steel clip for belt, bag, or armband use on the run. Two color configurations are available: a black sleeve with red, blue and silver covers, and a white sleeve with pink, sky blue and yellow covers.

California Roll (MSRP – $19.99) – Griffin’s soft-sided roll-up case is great for stashing your iPod, earphones and other accessories in a single wrap-and-go design. California Roll uses three mesh pockets to hold your iPod snug in a no-scratch sleeve. Two additional pockets hold earphones, cords, whatever. Roll the case up and secure it with the wide elasticized fabric band. It’s free-form and efficient — perfect for riding in a computer bag, purse or backpack.

Pricing & Availability
Griffin’s new cases for iPod, priced between $19.99 and $29.99, are available now. Find them on Griffin’s website, and at major retailers throughout the globe. For more information, please visit

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