Griffin Technology Launches SmartTalk Bluetooth HeadsetJan 9, 2009

SmartTalk headset integrates Bluetooth connectivity with STEP Labs’ Patented STEPvoiceTM and STEPsound® technology for exceptional voice clarity

NASHVILLE, TN / SAN JOSE, CA – January 6, 2009 – Griffin Technology Inc., creator of all things iPod and iPhone, today announced the SmartTalkTM Bluetooth® headset. This new headset from Griffin incorporates STEP Labs’ STEPvoiceTM acoustic voice separation technology to eliminate background noise, reduce wind noise, and improve voice quality. This means phenomenally clear, hands-free conversations, even under noisy, real-world conditions.

“Hands-free calling is incredibly simple with SmartTalk Bluetooth,&rdquo said Paul Griffin, founder of Griffin Technology. “STEPvoice delivers a revolutionary improvement in sound quality. It identifies the user’s voice and does not transmit noise or wind sounds. Griffin is excited to integrate this software that works with any Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone. We think customers will love the difference.”

The SmartTalk Bluetooth earpiece can be easily paired with iPhone or any Bluetooth-enabled phone. Human voice confirmations tell the user that the device is “Pairing,&rdquo “Powered On,&rdquo and other helpful functions.

&rdquoThis headset uses both STEPvoice for the best outgoing voice quality on the market and STEPsound for radically improved incoming speech intelligibility,&rdquo said Robert F. Mitro, CEO of STEP Labs. “Consumers will see the Step OnBoard seal on SmartTalk boxes and know that this headset outperforms the one they are using.&rdquo

STEP Labs technology uses the physics of sound propagation to define the shape and arrival time of sound waves to isolate voice signals from undesired noises. STEP Labs' software uses these distinctions to tell the difference between the user's voice and other voices, sounds, and noises, preserving the natural fidelity of the voice without distortion and producing near-perfect voice recognition performance, and impeccable noise cancellation.

SmartTalk Bluetooth Features and Benefits

  • STEPvoice® acoustic technology eliminates unwanted noise for outbound voice clarity (making you sound good to your callers)
  • STEPsound® Intelligent Speaker Technology automatically enhances voice intelligibility & speech enunciation for the wearer (making your callers sound good to you)
  • Industry-leading 30 to 50 decibel improvement in signal-to-noise ratios
  • Dual-microphone acoustic design by STEP Labs
  • In-ear fit guarantees inbound audio clarity
  • Instant pairing with voice prompts for quick and easy setup
  • No extra power requirements for long battery life and talk time

Pricing and Availability

Griffin's new SmartTalk Bluetooth headset will be available at major retailers and on Griffin's website in two varieties:

  • SmartTalk Bluetooth $99.99 – now shipping
  • SmartTalk Bluetooth with PowerJolt car charger $119.99 – available February ’09

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About STEP Labs

STEP Labs is a venture-backed, Silicon Valley-based acoustic software and acoustic design services company whose technology produces natural sounding voice communications even in extreme noise environments. STEP's patented technology enables near-perfect voice recognition and hands-free communication by using an understanding of the physics of sound wave propagation to isolate voice from ambient noise. This approach offers broad applicability to a wide range of wireless telecommunications and consumer electronic devices. STEP Labs, STEPware, and Step OnBoard are trademarks of STEP Labs Inc. Visit us at

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